Marine Surveyor

SAMS® member marine surveyor serving Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, St. Augustine, and the surrounding area.

What is a marine survey?

A marine survey is an inspection done by a marine surveyor that evaluates the current condition and value of the boat. It looks at all of the structural integrity and all of the major systems. Marine surveys will identify critical safety issues, deficiencies, and minor repairs/cosmetic issues.

Why do I need a marine survey?

Prepurchase surveys are the most in depth, include in and out of water inspections, as well as a trial run.  Insurance companies often require insurance surveys before bonding. These surveys are less in depth than prepurchase surveys.  Insurance companies often have their own criteria that will be also be evaluated.  Lenders will usually require a condition and value survey before before securing a loan.

Before I get a survey....

To prepare for a survey refer to our page on how to prepare for a survey. This outlines what steps are required to make sure that survey can be conducted.  Before you get a survey be sure to review how to avoid common findings and visit the US Coast Guard website for current safety requirements and ABYC for standards.