Marne Surveys and Other Services

Pre-Purchase Marine Survey  A pre-purchase vessel survey is very thorough. The report will provide details on all of the major systems and will identify major operational hazards, defects, damage, sea worthiness, and the value of the vessel.

Insurance Marine Survey – This marine survey is a Condition & Value Survey and is required by many insurance carrier and lenders to bind or renew coverage, or even to close a loan on your vessel.

Other services:

Presale Inspection –If you are selling your boat a presale inspection will help identify any issues that will be found in a survey and help determine the fair market value of your boat.

Prepurchase Video Presentation – If you interested in a boat but want to verify the condition of the vessel before proceeding, we can provide a video walk thru presentation identifying the condition and visually inspecting the main systems of the vessel.

Damage Inspections – When a boat is damaged in an accident, during towing, or by fire, a damage inspection can identify structural issues that need to be addressed.