Fire Extinguisher for Recreational Boats

What Fire Extinguishers do I Need on my Boat?

New fire extinguisher regulations for recreational boats go into effect April 20, 2022.

Disposable fire extinguishers are only valid for 12 years from the date stamped on the bottom.  They must be removed from service on December 31st of the 12th year. All fire extinguishers must be good and serviceable.

Boats built 2018 and afterwards:  Newer vessels can no longer use type BI or BII fire extinguishers.

Boats built 1952 to 2017: These vessels can use BI and BII fire extinguishers or the newer 5B, 10B and 20B fire extinguishers.

Vessel Length and Fire Extinguisher Type Required (see not on bottom for older boats):

Vessel Length                                      No Fixed System                                          Fixed System

Under 26′                                                  1 5B/10B                                                             0

26′ to  less than 40′                           2 5B/10B or 1 20B                                            1 5B/10B

40′ to less than  65′                      3 5B/10B or 1 20B &1 5B/10B                          2 5B/10B or 1 20B

Note: Where 5B/10B is stated either a 5B or 10B may be used.

For Boats 2017 or older:  BI can be used in place of 5B and BII in place of 20B.

Your boat must have a fire extinguisher if your vessel has:

1. Permanently installed fuel tank(s) or

2. Spaces capable of trapping fumes such as closed compartments where portable fuel may be stored, double bottom unsealed hull that is not filled with flotation material, closed living space or closed compartment that flammable/combustible material is stowed.

For additional information visit the USCG.